Poor Man’s Caviar

You can adapt the #recipe below, to suit your personal taste, by adding different, #herbs & #spices, more or less garlic, seeds, small additions of other veg, – #beetroot is nice as it gives it a beautiful pink colour & a earthy undertone.

Truffleicious Food – July

This month I am going to share with you some of my own recipes, which I have developed over the many years, I have spent hot #kitchens. All of the dishes in the #recipes below, can be purchased, freshly, #homemade, from Truffleicious at the Stables Kitchen in Great Chalfield #Wiltshire.

Summer Food

Easy #summer #recipe for a Summer #Lunch or #Starter.
No #Cooking required. Chill time

Truffleicious in June

#Bread is one of my favourite foods, not he nasty plastic, #additive containing bread you get from the shops, but real #doughy breads,

The Kitchen Experience

” Cook required for small rural Rectory in the Cotswolds. Family cookery & entertaining at the weekends ” I wrote the letter &two weeks later I was on my way.